Hero Dog Awards - Justice


Seffner, Florida

I am a Desert Storm vet and also a retired law enforcement officer, 5 years ago I was forced into a medical retirement. It was at that point in my life that I shut down mentally and physically from everything and everyone. I would very rarely leave the house, I didn’t do anything that I used to enjoy. After encouragement from my wife, I went to the VA Hospital where I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and Depression Disorder. I began attending counseling both one on one and group. It was at these groups that I saw other veterans with service dogs, I watched how they interacted with their handler. After much research I found the Pups4patriots program at the American Humane. When I received Justice the bond became instant and has grown deeper than any that I have experienced with any other dog I ever had. I began feeling confident in going out in crowds again, my wife and I have started traveling again. It is like having a second chance to enjoy life again. There are no words that I can truly express how grateful I am to the Pups4patriots program for putting me together with Justice.