Hero Dog Awards - Hobbiton’s Dakota

Hobbiton’s Dakota

Indianapolis, Indiana

In 2018, I had surgery and was unable to awaken as I should have from the anesthesia. I was told weeks later after discharge that Dakota had been brought to the hospital following my surgery and on more than one occasion would leave the room and go find a nurse to let them know to check on me when I was not breathing or my breathing was very shallow. Well, he did it again a few weeks ago. I was not well and Dakota was continually alerting by bumping me with his nose. I remember waking many times and acknowledging him, saying, “Good Boy” and telling him to go lie down; however, I could not completely wake up. Not to be deterred, Dakota was insistent that I would wake up. He was hitting me so hard it hurt. Finally he was able to help me awaken enough to check my blood pressure and O2 and I found that my heart rate was very very low. Unbeknownst to me, My family and friends had been trying to call me for hours. When he finally had me awake enough to hear and answer the phone, I told my nurse who called, I needed help. By the time the ambulance got me to the hospital, my heart rate was in the 40’s and still dropping. Although I had a previous heart attack, Dakota was not trained to alert to changes in my heart rhythm. I thank God for allowing me have Dakota and for his sensitivity to my needs. Also, by alerting to my high and low blood sugars or low oxygen, he has fulfilled the purpose that God has for him, and I am alive today.