Hero Dog Awards - Flounder


San Antonio, Texas

I believe flounder is one of the best dogs I have ever encountered, I got him from a breeder for work line American Labrador retrievers, he was one of the 3 puppies available. One was his sister, she had great temperament but showed no interest in me, the second was his brother but he had no interest in anything and then there was flounder, he was the only one showing interest in me and brining back the ball I would throw to the side. I began his basic obedience training when I brought him home and I realized how smart this pup was, he would learn sit in the matter of seconds and did it reliably! He had trouble with down but understood the concept, just didn’t understand he had to stay down, lol. He was very quick to learning self harm prevention tasking, everytime I would try to scratch my self due to my anxiety he would jump up trying to paw my hand away. He had so much potential for a small little thing! He then started to pick up on my breathing and how it differs when going into a episode and started to alert to a sudden change of breathing, this has helped me so much as I can sit on the ground and have him perform dpt before an episode gets worse! At 7 months he finally started doing non pet friendly outings, that’s when he began alerting to my heart rate changing. He’s currently 9 months and I don’t know what I’d ever do without him in all honesty. Thanks for being my hero dog Flounder.