Hero Dog Awards - Enzo


Orlando, Florida

Enzo has saved my life. I was in Army a short time and have a past filled with bullying. When I move here to the United States from England I was 5 years old. I came over with no friends. I was the weird foreign kid with an accent. I was picked on and beaten up a couple of times. I was so afraid that I stopped going to the bathroom at school that caused severe constipation. This mentality stuck with me for years until I got the courage to join the Army. I was in a short time but during my time I saw things I can never unsee. Mixing PTSD and with social anxiety was a recipe for disaster when it came to keeping a steady civilian job or making new friends. I started my search for a service dog. Fast forward to 2020. Everybody is home and I had alot more time on my hands. I told my wife I’m looking for a long hair, male, pure bred german Shepherd that I will name Enzo. My wife found a long haired male and his name is already Enzo. God is good. We started service dog training at 10 weeks old and Enzo just graduated. He has completely stopped my suicidal thoughts and can tell when my emotions are taking a turn for the worse. His response is to use his nose to bring my chin up and when that doesn’t work he lays on me and puts his snout on my neck and shoulder. Who can be sad when a big fluffy dog is cuddling them. Enzo also alerts to people/threats coming up behind me which really helps my anxiety. Enzo is happy go lucky and loads of fun. He loves getting affection and his ball.