Hero Dog Awards - EmmaJune


murphy, North Carolina

EmmaJune is a wonderful example of the Service Dog community simply because of her story. In late September Emma and I met for the first time. She stole my heart instantly. Her temperament testing was fantastic, and she soon saw her way into becoming a SD Prospect. It wasn’t all Glamorous though. Because we had a Secret, We Were Homeless. At the time It definitely worried me because the Winter Months were soon to come. However I made sure we had enough Blankets & Food in my car to keep us safe. There were many times when I would buy emma’s food, and have to go without eating myself. BUT i never regretted it.
By the time Emma was 5months old we got an apartment in downtown Athens. Then soon we moved to Murphy, North Carolina where we began spreading awareness about service animals. Hosting Demonstrations for the public, and answering any questions they had regarding service animals. and working on task training tirelessly!

in April of 2021 Emma was nearly attacked in Walmart. we come around the corner and an aggressive pet nearly latched onto her. afterwards a confrontation with the owner resulted in him threading myself & emma’s life’s. It definitely effected emma’s work, however I am pleased to say it’s almost like an act of the past! while certain things still freak her out we are working on them!

and that is why I believe emma is the Ideal nominee as an American Hero Dog, because she lived the american dream herself!