Hero Dog Awards - Dusty


Boca Raton, Florida

Dusty was rescued from Texas after he had wondered onto an Equine Veterinary Ranch. After we picked him up, we noticed an issue with his left hind leg. Upon taking him to our Vet, we were informed that he had hip dysplasia and it was pretty advanced. He had the opinion that he had been abused at a young age for this to be so advanced so soon. The group I worked with at the time thought he was no longer worth anything and that training was unnecessary. I saw something that said, “Please don’t give up on me.” After some research, I found treatments that I could do at home and as of today, he has passed all of his AKC Canine Good Citizenship levels, which encompasses all the requirements for the Public Access test. When I’m anxious, he immediately comes and puts his head under my arm to help me refocus. He is learning to retrieve things for me that will be a huge help during my recovery. And he was certified as a Therapy Dog during this process and brings smiles and love everywhere he goes. That which someone called “broken” is bringing help to the “broken.”