Hero Dog Awards - Crickett


Winchester, Virginia

I believe Crickett fits the service dog section because she gave me my life back. I got Crickett at 8 weeks. She was being trained for my migraines and ptsd. By the time of 6 months she did her first major alert. I had eaten some vanilla, I’m allergic, with out knowing. She was jumping and slamming against my side with all her might. My chest seized up and I couldn’t breath. I was able to take an allergen medicine and calm the reaction. We where amazed at 6 months old and no allergy training she knew I was in trouble before a reaction.
Now at a year and 4 months she is even helping others around me. We go out to conventions and anyone else with POTS, or having an anxiety attack, she goes right to and helps. She alerted to 3 people with pots who where close to fainting during a large con! No clue who these people where! I gave them the warning. they checked themselves and thanked us before going to rest so they didn’t pass out. Crickett has given me my will to live back and courage to go on. Not only has she helped me but strangers around me in my communities.