Hero Dog Awards - Colby


Auburn, Maine

My dog Colby is not just a service dog but our best friend. He alerts when my fiance is about to have a seizure and when he is having a seizure by barking or pacing back and fourth next to him. He will try to open the outside door to go get help. He barks and scratches at the door to alert us when something is wrong. He does not stop barking or pacing back and fourth right next to my fiance until someone helps him and he comes out of the seizure. That is his primary role but he is such a smart dog that he can sense other things when they are not right. When you are feeling sad or crying he is right by your side with either his head or paw on your shoulder. When you are sick he is laying in bed right next to you and will not move unless you get up. He is always right by our sides to let us know when he feels like a situation isnt safe trying to warn us. He lets us know when he doesnt feel comfortable with another person. He is the sweetest, smartest, most fun loving mini australian shepard you will ever meet and he is definitely a hero in our eyes, and I hope your eyes too.