Hero Dog Awards - Burgundy


Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

I am a twice wounded Marine Vietnam Veteran.
I have dealt with PTSD for 54 years. I was sprayed heavily with Agent Orange, now I have trouble with my balance. Burgy is my constant companion. I rely on her to help me walk long distances and she will stand beside me if I fall so I can lean on her to help me get up. Her focus is always on me making sure I am relaxed. If I’m having a bad night she will give me a poke to make sure I wake up. She is so full of love and joy hard to be sad around her. She gives me confidence to go places knowing that she will have my back. She will even stand between me and another person if I ask her to.
Everywhere we go she makes people smile just to see her face and her devotion to me. I am not self conscious at all. She is my partner and full of love.