Hero Dog Awards - Bug


Bangor, Pennsylvania

My Epilepsy Service Dog, Bug, is so special that it’s crazy. He’s only a 10lb Yorkshire Terrier YET has saved my life (QUITE LITERALLY) several times since the first day he ever spent here with us as a 2 lb puppy and entirely untrained. THAT is actually how we KNEW he was meant to be an epilepsy service dog. He’s been “alerting,” since day 1 as a 2lb puppy that wandered up our driveway one day.

Bug has been far more than an asset since we adopted him. In the first 24hrs that we’d “adopted,” him a stray, sweet, TINY puppy he had “alerted” 4x’s, entirely untrained to impending seizures! Less than a year later, while taking him out for a walk, I dropped the moment we got out the door, into a tonic clonic seizure. Bug went to the SIDE of the road and got a truck to stop. That gentleman said “I knew he wanted me to follow him!” AMAZED. That man knocked on the door at my feet and got my family, who then got me medical treatment immediately. Bug has since been successfully trained to not only “alert,” (with kisses and basically loosing his mind) but ALSO goes to get the nearest human to help me. Bug has done ALL this on MANY occasions, both with and without training (what told my husband and I that he truly needed to be an epilepsy service dog) and he really is my hero. I can’t even take a shower without worrying about drowning in a centimeter of water at the bottom, without Bug.
The funny part being the fact that we ALWAYS have to kindly educate folks about how even a tiny, lit