Hero Dog Awards - Buddy


Jacksonville, Florida

I realized that I was no longer the same person after returning from deployment and I knew that I needed help. I was prescribed at one point 29 different mental health medications a day to assist in my daily function but that only lead to more complications and medication mixed issues that sunk me down further than I was already. When I was paired with Buddy he saved my life. He was my reason for continuing this life because I finally felt that I had purpose again. I knew that I can go through life with my battle buddy on my side to assist me in accomplishing anything I put my mind through. He has been my next breath for the last 2 years and I couldn’t be more grateful for the organization that provided him to me and for him being the most unjudgmental best friend that needs me as much as I need him. I’m finally able to breathe again and for that he is worth a million times “The Hero Dog Award”!