Hero Dog Awards - Buddy


Mountain Home, Idaho

Buddy was rescued from a home where he was abused and hit frequently. Upon adopting him, I decided to rehabilitate him and start service dog training with him because as a military spouse, it was something I needed at the time. My husband was away on deployment and having Buddy to rehab and train really helped me pass time.
When we started, Buddy was fearful of most things. He didn’t like men, loud noises, hands being held near his face… You name it and he was probably not comfortable with it.
6 months after getting him, he boarded his first plane. He took the trip like a champion. The way he stayed calm made him seem like he had been doing this his whole life.
Since his rehab and training, he has been on planes, several long road trips, met many men (but children are still his favorite), saved me from many panic attacks and depressive episodes, and even gotten some kitten sisters who he adores.
This boy has come a long way and is now retired from his duties. On the days I stay in bed too long because of mental health, he is still sensing it and is right there by my side. He still tries his best to take care of me even though he’s older now.