Hero Dog Awards - Bowie


Somonauk, Illinois

Bowie is my husband Jim’s service dog. Jim is a 100% service connected veteran. We met Bowie through Paws Giving Independence and it was clear Bowie and Jim belonged together. Bowie wasn’t with us one week when he saved all of our lives. He woke us up in the middle of the night alerting us to a fire in the bedroom. We would have died that evening if Bowie wasn’t with us. He even made the news here in Illinois. The bond between the two was solidified that night.

Bowie assists Jim in daily tasks that have become difficult to do. Jim has progressive Multiple Sclerosis and lost his ability to be mobile and is in a wheelchair. Bowie helps him with doors, lights, helping take off his socks and other items, picks things up that he drops, helps take items to the trash and of course, alerts him to trouble in the areas he’s in. Bowie not only provides physical assistance to Jim, but he has improved Jim’s mental well being. He helps Jim feel more independent and able to be a productive citizen in the world we live in. He’s definitely improved his life two fold and is giving Jim his independence and life back. He’s a veteran, he deserves all of this and more; to live a full life, as it’s meant to be.