Hero Dog Awards - Blaze


Smelterville, Idaho

Blaze has dedicated his life to me, his human. Ever since we got Blaze as a puppy we knew he was different, instantly loyal, well mannered and so gentle. He continued to impress us as he aged. Now at almost 2 years old Blaze deserves some recognition. He has spent every waking moment, and some very long night, helping me stay here, stay alive. He wedges his body under my head and put his ribs in the line of fire of my head bashing the floor while having a seizure. He spends most of his days watching my every move. Paying close attention to my smells, for a seizure coming on, and my nervous ticks when a panic attack is coming on. Only when he knows I’m doing okay will he spent a few of his moments playing with his toys, or just packing them around making people smile. Being a Pitbull/ bully breed he is misunderstood alot like his mama. We work as a team to show the world No mental or physical illness can make you hopeless from your dreams. He puts a smile on everyone’s face no matter where he goes. Blaze is on his way to be dual trained as a therapy dog as well. While I love his help he would really love to bring smiles and cuddles to the people who are hurting and need him the most in the hospitals. While Blaze doesn’t wear a badge or uniform, he is no less of a hero. He is the type of hero that often goes unnoticed! Noticed or not Blaze continues to be a hero to his mama! This cute cuddly face deserves a little recognition and appreciation!!