Hero Dog Awards - Beau


Tonawanda, New York

Beau was a rescue who was unfortunately severely mistreated in his early life. This left him very scared and mistrusting of humans along with a mouth scar and pellets in his body; He claimed me the moment he saw me by climbing in my lap and giving me kisses; he knew from that moment that I was his person and that we both needed each other. Not long after bringing him home he began alerting me to changes in my health, more specifically my vitals such as heart rate and would not allow me to move because he could sense it was unsafe. I did not plan on training him to be my service dog, but he had an incredible intuition and even more a desire to work, he loves his job. He helps with my daily pain by doing deep pressure therapy. Beau will assist me when walking by giving me forward momentum. He is a service dog, but he is also my best friend and an incredible member of our family. He’s provided me unconditional love and comfort especially through many of my medical trials; daily treatments and countless, painful procedures are made that much easier knowing Beau is right by my side. He definitely rescued me and wants nothing more than to keep me happy and healthy. He saved my life the day we met and continues to keep me safe each day.