Hero Dog Awards - Balto


Maple Falls, Washington

We always like to say, “everybody thinks they have the best dog in the world, and nobody is wrong”.

The best dog I know, Balto, has touched the lives of so many. My partner suffers from several health conditions and Balto tirelessly cares for her. One of the most dangerous conditions her handler suffers from is sleep apnea. Every night, Balto sleeps right next to her handler but listens to her handler’s breathing. She has woken her handler up in the middle of the night numerous times when she noticed her breathing had stopped. She works diligently in public and has been trained to alert to oncoming medical episodes, and assist with widing her handler level of mobility. She expects nothing in return other than the occasional stuffed hedgehog, her favorite.

Balto is a shining example of what everybody wants in a dog. Gentle, obedient, a Canine Good Citizen! We volunteer in animal rescue, Balto as our dog liaison. She meets all the new intakes, comforts them, makes them feel at ease and safe. Balto gives these puppies who have had a rough and often traumatic start to life the love and confidence they need to heal and live long, happy lives.
Balto has saved Starrs life, more than we can count, but beyond that she truly empathetically and compassionately cares for everyone around her. She enriches the lives of everyone she meets, and I truly find her to be worthy of being called a “Hero Dog”.

Thank you for your time and consideration.