Hero Dog Awards - Andi


Guthrie, Oklahoma

On just our third night at home together, Andi woke me up at 2:00 am licking the back of my head. I got up thinking she needed to go outside and she just sat at my feet outside whining. I walked her around the yard some and she just wouldn’t potty or leave my side. So we went back to bed. Again at 3am, I wake up to her licking my head yet again. Got up and took her outside again and she did the same thing, just whined and wouldn’t leave my side. I started feeling like a migraine was incoming, I immediately took my meds and we went back to bed. Migraine diverted thanks to Andi!!!
I’ve had only 4 migraines since owning her, all of them she warned them coming. I used have 1-2 migraines per week. She wasn’t trained specifically for alert, she bonded with me so fast and learned where my pain was coming on. The other crazy thing with her, when she alerts me of the migraine coming, she licks the back side of my head, right at my brain stem, this is where I received my head injury in Saudi Arabia and have the brain damage. She knows to lick right where the injury occurred. This was not in her training at all!
When I heard about the Hero Dog awards, I just knew I had to submit Andi. She is more than a Hero Dog in my mind. She’s a life changer, life saver, a blessing, a gift and an absolute GOD send! I would be honored to attend the event in LA later this year, just to be able to show everyone what a true Hero Service Dog looks like! She will always be MY HERO!