Hero Dog Awards - Aegon


Brimfield, Massachusetts

Aegon is single handedly the best dog I have ever owned or trained. An unusual breed for service work, he is a four year old American Akita who came to me in a very dark time. I had just had to rehome my last dog, who’s working bond with me had been broken due to family interactions, which is a source of a lot of my anxiety and stress and triggers a good deal of symptoms from my chronic illnesses, when a friend approached me about a pup that was the last of his litter and had an amazing personality.

When he came to me, Aegon immediately lit up the room for me. It was clear to me from the get-go that he was something special. I immediately started him off on his basics, which he took too quickly, and the more our bond formed, the more potential I saw in him. He was about 10 months old when we started doing actual task training and the beginnings of Public Access training.

Since then, Aegon has come in to his own. He is amazingly loving and gentle, with a zest for his work that I haven’t seen in a long time. He knows the difference between a low grade headache that I can work through and a migraine that will be completely debilitating and have the potential for needing to go to the ER. He watches my back when I check out shopping, bee-lines me out of a store when I am overheating and need air, leans on me and demands a grounding pet when I am starting to dissociate or diving into a full on panic attack, makes sure I take my rescue medication, and is just my whole heart.