Hero Dog Awards - Loki


Wayzata, Minnesota

Hi, My name is Sgt. Jason Gehrman with the Wayzata Police Department. I was encouraged to nominate my K9 Loki for the hero dog award. Loki is an almost 2 year old Belgian Malinois certified in Tracking/Trailing with L.E.T.S Inc. Loki is also CGC certified through AKC. Loki and I volunteer with a search and rescue group, MinnSarda (Minnesota Search and Rescue Dog Association). Our group is call out on a volunteer basis by Law enforcement to assist in locating missing individual or for human remains location. Over the past year I have been working on a proposal to start a K9 unit for the City Of Wayzata. The proposal passed with overwhelming support and has been laid out into two phases. Phase one will be the implementation of Loki into active duty patrol to assist in the locating of Missing persons. Loki will be the first active duty patrol SAR dog in any department in the State of Minnesota. Phase two set for later this year will bring an on duty dual purpose K9 to the City of Wayzata as well. During certifications Loki was held as not only one of the best new dogs to certify, but one of the best dogs ever to come through the certification process regardless of age. I attribute Loki’s success to natural talent unlike any I’ve seen in the world of K9’s and a drive to overcome any obstacle in his way to complete the job. It is truly an honor to be able to work with a dog of his caliber and use his talents to save human lives. Thank you for your consideration.