Hero Dog Awards - K9 Kwincy

K9 Kwincy

Painesville, Ohio

My K9, Kwincy is my 4 yr old GSD. Kwincy was purchased to be a Human Remains Detection K9. She passed her CGC at 4.5 months and certified in Human Remains Detection (Cadaver Dog) through the National Association for Search and Rescue. She’s deployed on multiple searches, including detecting the decomposition odor on a search for a person missing 5 days in the middle of the summer. Kwincy correctly indicated at a small growth of trees. Even though the searchers knew she was accurate, they couldn’t locate the missing person. The next day he was found in a 65 foot tree, above the lower tree 40 feet from where Kwincy indicated. She loves working for her ball as a reward for a job well done.

At 18 months she also became my Service Dog. She goes with me where ever I go. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD in the summer of 2019 after a suicide attempt. 3 yrs of Volunteer Fire, 20 years as an EMT, and 19 years as a Search and Rescue K9 Handler lead my down the CPTSD road. Kwincy has deployed on numerous searches and at the same time she is a Service Dog, has even seen the Broadway production of Lion King. She is very adaptable to her surroundings and task. She has been taught to stand behind me in a store so no one walks up behind me because I have hypervigilance. She can detect (smell) the anxiety before I feel it getting up in my face to warn me by licking, pawing, and whining.