Hero Dog Awards - Tygo


Ozark, Missouri

An American Hero is someone that gives their best on a daily basis to make a difference in this world, whether that results in a single heroic action that goes above and beyond or the daily dediction to learning, bettering yourself, and working to have an impact in the world they touch. An American Hero Dog is no different.
Tygo is an 8-year old Belgian Malinois that has a love of working and service. He was forced into early retirement after learning he has congestive heart failure on January 5, 2022. In his 7 years of service, Tygo has accomplished so much and just to highlight a few things, he detained multiple wanted suspects, helped in seizing over $40,000 in illegal drug money, and detected on 11,000+ grams of illegal narcotics.
Beyond what can be quantified in statistics, Tygo has a fun, welcoming personality, and loved doing demonstrations and public events.
In law enforcement, one of the most important aspects of the job is maintaining a positive relationship with the community. This is vital to the job and Tygo was constantly used to educate the public on police working dogs, his training, and to help build those community relationships.
As a retired dog, Tygo now enjoys his days sunbathing, playing with his family, and sleeping on the couch. He served his community well and had it not been for his diagnosis, I know he would have continued to happily do so.