Hero Dog Awards - Scout


Sterrett, Alabama

I am a Deputy at Talladega County Sheriffs Office in Alabama, I am assigned as a School Resource Officer. I recently have implemented a Therapy dog in the school district where I am assigned. My therapy dogs name is Scout and he is a standard poodle and is is currently still finishing his formal training. Scout has already met so many new friends at school and has brought smiles to kids who are struggling with anxiety, depression and social issues. Scout brings joy to the school on an everyday basis and many teachers and said this is the best thing that has ever came into schools. Scout works really close with the special needs department, many kids in the school have autism and I have experienced kids with autism have loved spending time with Scout and petting his fur it helps with their sensory needs. Scout also will work with law enforcement officers specifically with PTSD, many officers experience stress on a daily basis, Scout will help in high stress levels in that area. I have got the partnership with the district attorneys office for Scout to help calm and comfort trauma victims testify in the court of law. Scout is my everyday partner and I have noticed him bring many smiles and comfort throughout my workday and he is a hardworking dog and deserves this award on so many levels!