Hero Dog Awards - Scar


Punta Gorda, Florida

Scar was adopted at 10 months old and proved himself very rapidly. Scar is responsible for removing an abundance of harmful narcotics from the streets. Two narcotics cases that stand out begins with a free air sniff on a vehicle for a simple traffic stop where the driver denied consent. Scar gave a positive alert to the vehicle and we seized marijuana DAB wax less then 8 grams. This led to also locating $198,000 in vacuum sealed bags which had marijuana shake mixed within. The next big case was a free air sniff for a traffic stop which he again provided a positive alert to the vehicle. We found paraphernalia in the vehicle and went back to the driver who attempted to conceal 58 grams of Methamphetamine in her bra. Without Scars powerful nose and positive alert, these harmful narcotics would have stayed in the streets. Scar has also been very efficient in his patrol abilities searching for evidence of a crime or a suspect on the run. This K9 is a one of a kind best partner a handler could ever ask for and keeps the community free of narcotics on the streets and suspects in custody providing day in and out for a safe and enjoyable place to live.