Hero Dog Awards - Pashka


Gates, North Carolina

At death’s door, he sat waiting for a second chance. His previous owners had sealed his fate by surrendering him to a local shelter and labeling him as an aggressive dog. Pashka was given one week before being euthanized just because someone didn’t understand the drive of a working line Dutch Shepherd. A friend called me and said that I had to go look at this dog in the shelter and I rode over on a Wednesday afternoon. I met with Pashka and did a quick assessment and instantly knew that I was going to take him. I told the shelter that I needed to talk with my family, and I would let them know within the next few days. With a concerned look in her eye, the shelter worker said, “He doesn’t have a few days. His end date is Friday at 3:00 pm.” I knew in my heart that this dog was something rare and on Friday morning at 9:00 am, I filled out the adoption paperwork and Pashka was given that second chance.

With an extreme drive and need to work, Pashka went from zero to fully certified in less than eight weeks. He is one of the biggest success stories that American K-9 Interdiction tells, which is where the idea of using shelter dogs for our scholarship program came from. Pashka’s day to day routine now consists of training the next generation of working dog handlers, doing explosive detection for large venues such as the NFL, and demonstrations for local at-risk youth. Pashka is also utilized by the Sheriff’s Office in his hometown for human tracking and evidence recovery.