Hero Dog Awards - NyKyta


Farmersville, Ohio

NyKyta was born in Georgia and made the trip to Ohio when she was 7 weeks old. She immediately began training for her position as an explosive dog. When she finally turned 1, she tested and passed all of her certifications to become the 1st explosive dog/SRO K9 for the Camden Police Dept. However, in January, there was a horrific tragedy where two of our local students were murdered by their father. This took a toll on the school, staff & students. K9 NyKyta turned into a support k9 for the week and provided hugs and kisses to all teachers & staff. She licked the tears from all their faces. In NyKyta’s current role as an explosive dog, she protects the community in the case there was a bomb threat. In the community we have many businesses, elementary school, retirement home, railroad, gas stations, restaurant’s and of course town hall which includes the police dept. K9 NyKyta is a terrific hero in light of what she does.