Hero Dog Awards - Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee

temple, Georgia

K-9 Jerry Lee is my hero and saved my life in the line of duty. Being my working K-9 on April 18th, 2021, at approximately 0230 hrs, we responded to help a neighboring agency requesting a track for a suspect who had fled on foot. While tracking for the suspect, my backup officer had fallen behind, and it was just myself and Jerry Lee in the dark woods. Jerry Lee tracked and found the suspect hiding in the woods, and when we attempted to apprehend the suspect, he fired his weapon, striking Jerry Lee in his front left leg. Jerry took a bullet meant for me due to me being right behind Jerry during the attempted apprehension. I grabbed Jerry and drug him to cover until backup arrived so that I could get him to the hospital. Jerry traded his safety and front leg for my life, and for that, I’m forever grateful. Since that dreadful night, Jerry has touched the lives of many with his act of heroism and loving go-lucky attitude. Everyone who meets him and hears his story falls in love with him, and he continues to bring joy to many lives. He is still currently an active K-9 with my agency with a new role of bringing awareness to K-9’s and the danger they face while in active duty. He also continues to help other K-9’s in need by working with a non-profit that specializes in assisting active and retired K-9’s. K-9 Jerry Lee saved many officers and citizens’ lives on that night with his actions, and myself and many others will forever be grateful to him.