Hero Dog Awards - Athena


Moyers, Oklahoma

Athena is retired from a small rural Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma. The Sheriff’s Office never helped with funding to pay for any medical that Athena or other working dogs may of needed. Athena was placed on staff with the Sheriff’s Office in May of 2012 and worked for two different Sheriff’s. Athena was a patrol K9 that had one hip replacement surgery. Back in 2013 that went great and she returned to work after the 1st surgery. Athena after the first surgery, had many bites and assisted in numerous arrest. Athena had her second surgery on August 20, 2015. The surgery did not go as planned. Athena had to under go surgery 3 days in a row. We did not get a hip replacement do to her femur breaking. Athena spent her time recovering at home where she was crated for the biggest part of her day. Athena loved to work with the kids and do PR work. Athena and I made the drive back to San Antonio Texas on November 4, 2015 for a check up. Athena is a great nominee for this award because of the impact that she had on the children in her community. Kids that are grown and graduated still ask about Athena or even stop by to give Athena love and pets. Athena’s courage and welling to fight has made an impact that has forever changed children in the community.