Hero Dog Awards - Payson


Topeka, Kansas

My soulmate is Payson. He has four legs with a wet nose, fur to cuddle with and a heart of gold.
My soulmate knows me and loves me for who I am. He walks with me at my side through happiness, changes in life, perils and whatever comes my way. He is ready in the morning to get up. He is ready for the day! He knows not what will happen, but he will be there with me whatever comes. My partner will go to the door to have his harness put on.
I pick up the harness handle and the two of us walk through the door outside with independence, safety and confidence. Payson and I walk as one. I take a step. He takes a step and sometimes he wags his tail with every step we take. The two of us cross streets, walk down the sidewalk in confidence and power.
I know longer see the world as being a dangerous one but as a place to explore and learn new things.

Payson also has another untrained natural ability. He is very intuitive. When I am having balance issues, Payson will Block me from walking until I can get to safety and assistance

At the end of the day the two of us return home as one.
The harness comes off and I praise and hug Payson for a great day and a job well done!