Hero Dog Awards - Jessie


Longmont, Colorado

Navigating through a gray world when the colors and distinctions of things used to be so vivid but are now dimmed beyond recognition is not only a physical adjustment, but also an emotional transition that my hero Jessie has been a life-saver. The once routine falls due to the inability to distinguish where curbs were or where obstacles were have diminished. I have multiple medical conditions which require professional intervention that Jessie has been there for me to provide emotional support. The anxiety that is produced in those situations is quelled by Jessie’s demeanor. My blood pressure and heart rate naturally slow to a more manageable rate thanks to Jessie’s mere presence. Her playful, unconditional acceptance of me regardless of my mood on any given day helps me understand that I am enough, despite any shortcomings I may perceive of myself. Jessie loves me, warts and all! So, Jessie is my guide dog for my eyes, but she provides me vision into so many other aspects of my life as well, my physical, emotional, and spiritual. For these reasons Jessie is the ultimate American Hero Dog.