Hero Dog Awards - Artie


Denver, Colorado

I am nominating Artie my certified hearing dog for annual hero dog as he has had to work above and beyond the call of duty in the last year particularly in the last three months. Artie has been my hearing dog for a little over a year. My husband died October 13,2020. I was grief stricken and when I remove my cochlear implant I hear nothing which is dangerous living alone. Artie notifies me if the fire or bulgar alarm go off. He identifies phone and door bell or knocking and let’s me knows when people are behind me when walking. In December 2021, I began to have trouble walking and using my arms my balance became very poor and my muscles very weak. Artie adjusted his pace and heeled very slowly as I began to walk slower and slower. He seemed to know if I was about to fall and moved out of my way. He became a calm centering force as my function deteriorated. He was willing to assist me in many different situations such as doctors appointments, hospital tests, CT scanning, eventually inpatient hospitalization and surgery. He became a source of pleasure causing patients and hospitals staff to smile. Right now I am in an inpatient rehab hospital separated from Artie due to family COVID and he facetimes with me giving me comfort. He is my hero.